Date: Sat 05 Jan 2019

By David Simpson

Kelly ' no right just to rock up '

Back to Basics

Saturday’s game is a perfect chance to get back to basics and start fresh, after a very busy period with lots of unsettling issues with unavailability and a sickness bug that has spread through the squad.

“However, there were no excuses for what we produced on New Year’s Day – we were second best for 90 minutes; it was a no contest, which hurts me to admit.

“We have now hit the halfway point – I can honestly say nothing or nobody fears me in this division, so we will continue to try and play forward-thinking football and pick up as many points as possible.

“We are learning all the time and will always look to evolve as the season progresses.

“I feel the talent and ability is obvious for all to see – we need to work on our mentality again and push each other to get the best out of everyone.

“When myself and Andy took over last season, there were 18 games left and, so, here we are again with 18 games left.

“Hopefully we can emulate what we did last year or at least get close to it.

“I must stress we have no given right to rock up and win every game; we have to earn the right by respecting our opponents and trying to be better than them.

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