Date: Mon 19 Nov 2018

By David Simpson

We will compete and entertain.

Our young squad will learn lessons

Following on from Saturday’s disappointing performance and result, I thought it best to share my thoughts, more for my own sanity than anything else, but also to reaffirm my philosophy for Aylesbury Utd and non-league football at our level.

Firstly, the level of our play on Saturday was atrocious and not something I had foreseen after a great 2-1 win against Dunstable Town and 6-0 away win at Shrivenham FC in midweek. People have told me that inconsistency is expected from a young team, but that level was far from being inconsistent, it was not acceptable and it will not continue.

Having played non-league football and then been involved in the coaching side, I had always discussed with colleagues how I would like to do things a little differently from most, if given the opportunity. My model is to try and play football on the ground quickly whenever possible but is adaptable depending upon circumstances. I would also like to have a nucleus of local young players with a few from outside the area to strengthen the squad.

In the main I believe we have that and I’m not going to rip apart the whole squad on the back of one very inept performance. I do believe we need a couple of additions to keep players on their toes and hungry to perform every week, not one week in three. I need to be clear and state, in my opinion, when we lose games I cannot throw a lack of effort at the team, if that was the case then big changes would be needed and by that I mean change of players, or change of manager or both, so the effort will always be there whilst I am in charge.

Controversial I know after the result Saturday but if it were still last Friday, I would have picked the same team that won on Saturday at Dunstable in the league. Those players deserved to start the game following that performance.

I would also like to give huge credit to North Leigh they are a young hungry team that like to play football and fully deserved their win no matter how poor we were. They reminded me of us when we have 9 or 10 players “on it” not just 2 or 3. Like us, they will lose games this season but also show what they are about in more and more games, that’s what we need to do more consistently not just one in three.

Rest assured we are trying our hardest to put a competitive, entertaining and hard working team out each week. When it works, I love watching us play, when it doesn’t it’s a long week before the next game, especially when its against one of the League’s pace-setters in Corby Town.

Ben Williams
The Dugout
Aylesbury United FC